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Dungeons of Dransik - Map Binding


Exclusive portals throughout the world let you put your maps in high-traffic or exotic locations. Need a specific setting to set the mood for your dungeon? Choose from one of these exotic locations (x,y coordinates noted):

Hell (1222, 3320)
Artraxis’ Castle (2885, 434)
Dragon Caves (2389, 3685)
Pirate Fort (839, 1314)
Lotor’s Castle (255, 1160)
Dwarven Mines (2130, 1533)
Kobold Castle (1277, 1131)
Orc Fort (796, 1574)
Lycanth (296, 2631)
New Royale (1373, 2002)
Roycroft (2429, 2508)
Valekar’s Fortress (3080, 3511)
Jeel (286, 861)
New Korelth (346, 1457)
Badlands (2703, 2930)
Maroven (1977, 1226)

Is your map so awesome you want the whole world to see it? We are working on "the whole world," but in the mean time why not bind your map to a portal in one of these high traffic locations? You are bound to get the attention your map deserves! You can find exclusive portals near the spawn gate in each of these towns:


How to Use
To use the Dungeons of Dransik Map Binding, first stand near the portal you wish to bind your map to. Type /store in chat or press "0" and choose the coin icon to bring up the in game store. Find "Dungeons of Dransik Map Binding" in the list and press the "use" button which can be found at the bottom of the store. A special store purchase chest will be placed in your backpack. In it is a Map Binder scroll. Click on the scroll, then click on the Paid Map Binder portal. A list of your maps will appear, select the map you want to bind, then click the "Select Map" button. The map will now appear in the list of maps for this portal. NOTE: This only applies to the server you are on at the time you bind.