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Content Pack - Frozen Lands


Bring forth a cold and barren world littered with hardy creatures that cling to life among the snow and wondrous glowing crystals. This content pack includes snowy and winter themed art that can be found in the region of Tundria - frozen ground, crystalline forests, wyverns, and cities of cold steel and chiseled rock.

By purchasing this you can upload maps that use art from this Content Pack. To preview all of the art available with this pack, run the Ashen Empires Content Creator located in the install directory for Ashen Empires:

.../Pixel Mine/Ashen Empires/data/aecontentcreator.exe

Select "Frozen Lands" from the list of available packs in the Content Packs panel.

How to Use
Once you purchase this any character on that account may upload a map with this art. NOTE: You need a Dungeons of Dransik Map Slot to upload a map to the game.